Tenterfield Market Report

Bullocks return $1936.54

Sale Date: 20.11.17             Number Yarded: 427

Numbers decreased this sale for a yarding of 427 head of mixed quality cattle with all sections meeting a fully firm market. Steers and bullocks improved in quality with the best of the steers selling to 319.2 cents whilst the bullocks topped at 274.2 cents.

All major processors were present with heavy cows selling to 235 cents, medium weights topped at 232.0 cents, whilst the light unconditioned cows sold to 203.2 cents. An improved yarding of heifers topped at 293.2 cents, with the best returning $1540.85

In the trade section, the best of the lightweight weaner steers returned to the paddock for 413.2 cents, whilst the heifer portion topped at 319.2 cents also returning to the paddock. An increased yarding of bulls sold to 275 cents.


BULLOCKS:        NM & K Rhodes                       $    1936.54

 STEERS:           Brian & Mylene Blaker             $  1570.58

  COWS:             CP & ML Donnelly                   $ 1570.58

 HEIFERS:         Vibrato Investments                 $  1540.85

 YEARLINGS:    A & N Saccon                          $  1295.75

 VEALERS:         A Russell & VC Methven         $  1140.00

 BULLS:             Dingo Hill P/S                          $  2862.00

NEXT SALE:11.30 am Monday 4th December